Dwayne Johnson On Sudden Demise Of Father: Never Had A Chance To Say Goodbye


ISLAMABAD, January 2 (online): Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson is deeply hurt that he did not get a chance to say goodbye to his father, who passed away earlier this year. The actor got sentimental recalling his upsetting moment of 2020 on social media, which happened when a friend gifted him a paperweight with an image of him as a kid along with his father.
“I’m extremely hard to buy Christmas gifts for, so sentimental gifts like this mean the world to me. A family friend had this made for me,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing an image of the paperweight.
“A paper weight to keep on my desk of me and my dad at the gym. I was too young to hit the weights back then, but after his workouts he’d always take me on the wrestling mats and beat my little ass. Those days were important. My old man died suddenly, earlier this year. I never had a chance to say goodbye. F**king 2020 huh?! Still a beautiful gift, I’ll cherish. #thelittlethings,” he added.