ECP directs Imran Khan to provide documents in Tosha Khana reference


Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has directed Imran Khan to provide documents in Tosha Khana reference.
A five members commission headed by the Chief Election Commissioner (ECE) Sikandar Sultan took up the reference for preliminary hearing Thursday.

Khalid Ishaq advocate appeared on behalf of petitioner Mohsain Shah Nawaz Ranjha and ruling alliance while barrister Gauhar assistant to barrister Ali Zafar represented Imran Khan.

Barrister Gauhar appealed to the ECP that barrister Ali Zafar could not come due to his preoccupation therefore, the hearing be adjourned.

Election commission however rejected his plea

Barrister Gauhar argued Imran Khan no more remains member of assembly.

CEC replied Imran Khan is still member of national assembly in the eyes of election commission. National Assembly (NA) secretariat has not returned his resignation duly accepted. How many resignations have been received by Election commission have been accepted. Go to media for speech. Here talk on law. You should not interpret on your own . The member of assembly cannot be denotified unless speaker returns resignations after accepting them.

The ECP while directing the counsel for PTI to provide documents adjourned the hearing of the case till August 22.