ECP ensures seamless IT operations in 2024 elections


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) confirmed on Wednesday that all operational and IT systems were running smoothly without any issues during the 2024 general elections. The ECP spokesperson stated that the commission has readied an automated and modern Election Management System, to be used for transmitting and compiling election results from Presiding Officers to Returning Officers. The automated system has undergone multiple tests, and additional features have been incorporated into the EMS system to assist Returning Officers, ensuring data preservation for future reference, even in the initial phases of the elections. DNA

However, some challenges arose in remote areas with internet connectivity issues, hindering returning officers from sending lists of nominated candidates to various election commissioners.
The Election Commission introduced additional functions in the EMS specifically to aid Returning Officers. The primary role of the EMS is to transmit and compile election results, and it will be utilized solely on polling day. Claims that the EMS has failed are baseless, as it has not yet been operationalized.
The Election Commission assures that there are no risks to the transmission and tabulation of election results through the EMS. The Commission is confident in its preparations for the 2024 General Elections and the functionality of the Election Management System.
Concerns and apprehensions raised in certain circles regarding this matter are unfounded. It is being ensured that all Returning Officers have access to fibre optic facilities, and Wi-Fi devices are available as an alternative. It’s important to note that the internet is not necessary for tabulating election results.