ECP issues guidelines for voters for Local body elections in Sindh


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Saturday issued guidelines regarding Karachi and Hyderabad’s Local Body Government Elections for the voters.
In the guidelines, ECP stated that the voters should bring their National Identity cards along in order to cast the vote, even expired cards will be accepted but a photocopy of the card will not be valid.
It was further stated that the details will be checked in the electoral list according to the national ID card by the polling station.
The voter’s name and serial number will be called aloud in front of the polling agent and thumbprint will be taken before the mentioned name after which, the nailbed area on the thumb will be marked with indelible ink.
The voter will be given three coloured ballot papers out of which, the green will be for the Assistant presiding officer of the Union Council, the Blue paper for the District Council and the white for the General member.
The Blue Ballot papers will also be used for the Town Committee as well as for the member of the Union Council.