ECP postponed NC-22 Gulabhar polls in Peshawar


The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) postponed the local government elections in Peshawar’s Gulbahar Neighborhood Council (NC) 22 due to the poor security situation.
In a statement, the ECP said that a new date for the elections in the NC-22 will be announced later.
According to reports the officials deputed for the NC-22 left the polling station owing to poor law and order situation. According to the ECP, there are 9000 registered voters in NC-22 Peshawar.
Earlier, a presiding officer deputed at a women’s polling station in Peshawar was arrested along with her husband over allegations of rigging, long before the polling for the ongoing local government election started.
A heavy police party arrived at a polling station in the city’s neighborhood council 34, Tehsil Gor Khatri Saturday night soon after the alleged pre-poll rigging was protested by the leaders and workers of different political parties on Saturday night over reports of ballot papers being stamped in favor of PTI’s candidate.
The police took the accused presiding officer and her husband into custody and shifted them to a police station, keeping them safe from the angry mob.
Meanwhile, the ECP took notice of the matter and changed the entire polling staff at the affected polling station.