Esha Deol Congratulates Brother Bobby Deol After Seeing His Film, Class Of ’83


ISLAMABAD :Looks like things are warming up in the Deol clan. Sunny and Bobby have always maintained a distance from Esha and Ahana given their intricate relationship. So when Esha congratulated Bobby after seeing his film,?Class of ’83, fans felt it was a welcome sign that could probably pave the way towards a strong relationship.
Last year, she had congratulated Sunny when he had won the Lok Sabha election from Gurdaspur. All these years, it was cousin Abhay Deol who warmed up to Hema Malini’s daughters. Sunny and Bobby have always stayed away from the Deol girls. Looks like post the pandemic, the new normal will also herald the forging of new relationships.
Class of ’83 is being appreciated for its performances and the way director Atul Sabhrawal has captured the 1983 Bombay. Class of 83 presents Bobby Deol like the actor has never been presented before. He plays a cop called Dean Vijay Singh, who’s struggling with his own demons. He’s driven by his uprightness and wears an intense look on his face. When he says something, he means business.
After exploring the hardcore commercial space with films like Race 3 and Housefull 4, this is Deol’s foray into a different kind of performance. Set in 1983 Bombay, the crime drama sees Deol play an honest cop who is shunted to a posting in a police academy, where he moulds five officers into encounter specialists