Faiq asks new govt to prioritize economic revival, public well-being


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party stressed that his party had been advocating for people’s rights for the last several years.
The ATP chief said the country has confronted enormous challenges at internal and external fronts, which should be tackled with joint efforts by all stakeholders.
While talking to various delegations, including social and political activists, lawyers and the party’s think tanks here on Saturday Shah affirmed his readiness to endure difficulties and challenges for the nation’s sake.
He called upon the new government to focus on economy, social and public welfare.
We want policies and steps in the greater interest of people, and don’t have any desire to become part of any power game.
Similarly, he said pragmatic steps should be taken for promotion of good governance, public authority and justice.
He called for holding strict accountability if the rulers and political elites again failed to deliver to the nation.
He added participation of all segments in decisions and policy making from central to grass-root level should be ensured.
It is the duty of all of us to get Pakistan out of the troubles and tell the enemies that “We are one”.
He warned the politicians and rulers that this time, the people will not forgive them if, this time, they use traditional methods and rely on cosmetic steps.
He proposed a charter of economy among political parties.
Shah suggested including the opposition along with government parties for the charter of economy.
He said ATP wanted a charter of economy to be made to get the country out of economic crises.
“We should put politics behind and give priority to the country’s economy.
It should be the goal of the new government and every party to make Pakistan a welfare state by steering the country and the nation out of economic crises,” he said.