Faiq calls for joint work to tackle the challenges


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party called for joint efforts to lead the country toward sustainable economic growth and progress.
Shah in an informal chat with media persons after Eid Milan gathering here on Saturday emphasized that all political forces and stakeholders should be united under a single platform for the sake of people and the country.
He said it is essential to set aside all kinds of differences and work together for the country’s prosperity, peace and stability.
The party leader said youth are a prime source for the country and fully capable to excel in all fields and face challenges.
He stressed fully capitalizing their abilities, asking for providing them all opportunities to play their active role in the national progress.
Faiq criticized alliance leaders for completely deviating from their pre-polls promises.
He said the incumbent government was left no stone unturned to elevate miseries of poor people.
The ATP chairman said people from different segments of the society were highly upset under the prevailing circumstances.
He asked the current coalition government to focus on public miseries and take proactive steps to mitigate them.
Shah reiterated ATP ‘s commitment to continue playing a role in promoting national interests and priorities.
He emphasized the importance of upholding the constitution and the supremacy of law and courts in Pakistan.
While strongly condemning Israeli aggression in Gaza, the ATP chief stated that Israel is rewriting the history of cruelty in the region.
He highlighted the global outrage against Israeli brutality, emphasizing the need for international condemnation.
Shah condemned the martyrdom of 33000 people in Gaza.
He further criticized Israel for conducting bombings, even on the day of Eid, resulting in the loss of innocent lives, including 60 members of Ismail Hania’s family.
The ATP leader also condemned Indian aggression and lawlessness in Kashmir, extending solidarity with the Kashmiri people.