Faiq expresses displeasure over govt’ poor performance


Chairman and founder of the Amun Taraqqi Party Muhammad Faiq Shah expressed displeasure over poor performance of the government, resultantly, it added to public owes and sense of deprivation among them.
Chairing a meeting here at the party main office on Monday, Shah called the incumbent government a sequel of the previous set up, which had left no stone unturned to elevate public miseries.
He said the government failed to take serious measures to arrest inflation and economic slide, forcing it to once again bow down before harsh conditions of the IMF.
The ATP chief continued to say that poor masses are left on mercy of profiteers and hoarding as no one is paying heed to their miseries.
He said institutions have deliberately made redundant which has rapidly played down their role and performance.
Shah said people have fed up with the current tyrant system and way of governance as again this time, they were deceived by politicians and rulers.
He noted the government is completely directionless, adding that the situation is going from bad to worse.
The party leader said rulers aren’t serious about putting the economy and matters on the right path.
There are scenes of destruction everywhere, he noted.
He added gaining power, and protection of personal interests and family politics endless.
Faiq said stability would be made possible with only unity.
He asked the government to take joint decisions instead of indulging in political point scoring.
The party head made it clear that the dream of stability and progress won’t come true until and unless joint working of government, all institutions and stakeholders.
He said merit, sustainable policies and implementation on manifesto and program is quite essential to achieve progress and all development targets.
Shah called for removing China’ concerns over security by revisiting the National Action Plan and security plan/strategy to ensure safety of locals and foreign citizens in the country.