Faiq for signing on ‘Charter of Economy’ to overcome with crisis


Chairman, Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah termed the presentation of mini-budget on behest of IMF is tantamount of wearing a garland of slavery in hug, demanding the formation of a joint board and signing on a ‘Charter of Economy’ in order to cope with impending crisis situation.
In this regard, he urged the government and opposition to strike a deal, saying that they are ready to give an action plan.
While chairing a meeting here at the party’s central secretariat on Friday, during which Mr Shah had strongly reacted to economic policies of the incumbent government.
He censured the government for mulling a plan of presenting a ‘mini-budget’, which would be against law, constitution and the country’s integrity.
The ATP chairman expressed fear that cruelty on poor masses would bring a new crisis of inflation and destruction in the country.
Emphasizing that to immediately form a joint board on emergent basis and to bring charter of economy, Mr Shah said special initiatives should be launched for attracting investment and enhancing export and agricultural production.
The party leader informed that his party has already proposed a holistic strategy and plan of action for economic revival and industrialization in the country which should be implemented without any further delay.
People are highly perturbed owing to increasing electricity, gas tariffs and prices of essential items, which has virtually brought destruction, he observed.
Faiq asked the rulers, opposition and experts to frame a consolidated economic recovery plan with coordinated efforts to prevent the country from bankruptcy.
He offered that his party is ready to provide a platform for the ‘Charter of Economy’.