Faiq praises sacrifices of security agencies, armed forces for peace-building


Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) chairman, Muhammad Faiq Shah has lauded that Pakistan’s security agencies and armed forces rendered countless sacrifices and made the motherland a cradle of peace, which shouldn’t never be victimized for the political objectives and avoid from leveling baseless allegations against them.

Peace is vital for politics and progress, which shouldn’t ever be pressured, according to a statement issued here on Thursday, quoting as Faiq Shah is saying.

Whether it is the situation of Afghanistan or eastern, western borders, Pakistan’s armed forces paid matchless sacrifices for protecting borders and established a sustainable peace in the country, he added.

“Foe want to break this fence and defence”,

He observed the whole nation has united and fully backed the country’s security institutions and armed forces.

Shah stressed that all institutions should need to sort out ways for economic and defence progress.

We will never compromise on the country’s integrity, security and stability, he vowed.

The ATP chairman strongly condemned the targeting and leveling baseless allegations against institutions for attainment of specific objectives.

Faiq noticed the successive governments obtained foreign debts that were spent on their protocols and extravagances.

No economic foundation for politics, he added.

The party leader slammed that the national security has also been put at stake, calling its extreme of fascism, which is intolerable.

Shah emphasized that defence, yields and industries should be promoted while there is dire need of hour to minimize dependency on imports so that the country would get progress.

Furthermore, he stressed that institutions can be strengthened with popular support. He asked the politicians to foster a culture of democratic norms within their ranks, behavior change and abiding with morality and laws.

Shah reiterated his firm resolve that his party will hold strict accountability and assessment of everyone. He added they will gain objectives through enforcement of positive politics and democratic in the country.