Faiq stresses a clear five years roadmap to resolve public issues


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party emphasized the need of a five year clear roadmap to resolve public problems on priority basis and bring economic turnaround and prosperity and sustainable progress.
Faiq said the country has already received colossal losses owing to politics of hate and confrontation for the last several years that has pushed the real public issues into the backburner.
He said people have caught up in mired issues as they were struggling to earn their poor families amid the rising inflation.
He said even caretakers failed to provide any relief to people and drive out the country from the present quagmire situation.
Shah was talking to various delegations and people of different walks of life here on Thursday.
Expressing grave concern over continuous tug of war for power, Faiq said those people who have left no stone unturned in bringing the country on difficult juncture and elevating public’ owes, they have again united for ‘so-called’ save democracy.
These people have turned country’ economy apart just for the sake of protection of their own business, political survival and gaining power, he added.
Shah continued to say that Pakistan has been made an experiment site as everyone came into power and looted and ran away from the country by imposing self-exile.
He emphasized a firm commitment to put the country in the right direction.
The party leader warned if politicians and rulers would continue relying on cosmetic steps then the situation would further deteriorate.
The ATP chief said the situation is going from bad to worse with each passing day.
He asked the politicians and stakeholders to jointly come up with a five year plan to lead the country toward sustainable economic growth and progress.
He feared that inflation would further increase in the coming day as the government is mulling to implement new harsh IMF conditions.