Faiq terms youth as a ray of hope for the country’s progress


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party said that youth are the ray hope of the country’s progress so they should be provided an opportunity so that the destiny of the country will be changed.
He made it clear that the issues cannot be resolved until the provision of authority and justice to people and asked youth to come forward and reject in election to those people who looted the country with both hands.
Responding to direct questions of people here on Monday, Shah opposed the proposal of formation of a national government.
To reply to a question about the Palestine issue, the ATP chief asked the government of Pakistan to move the international court of justice against the Israeli prime minister and to lead from the front as today extreme atrocity being meted with Palestinians and yesterday flames of this war will reach to you.
In the meanwhile, addressing a large public gathering in district Karak, Shah said people of KP have rendered matchless sacrifices for truth and right, saying that his party stands with them.
He vowed to struggle and go to every level for provision of authority and justice to people.
He said ATP has brought a revolutionary manifesto and agenda.
Shah called the PDM as dacoit alliance, which previously and now gathered for looting the country, and asked people to reject them with power of vote in the election.
These people are responsible for the destruction of Pakistan, and people should beware and he made an appeal to the state to prevent them from imposing them on people of the country, he added.
Shah furthermore said none of Pakistan’s universities which enlisted in international rank.
No hospital exists to carry treatment of these people (politicians), he added.
The ATP chief went on to say that resources have been wasted.
He said youth have been ignored instead of providing them leadership, employment and progress.