Fazl expresses ‘doubts’ about attack on Imran


Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the chief of Pakistan Democratic Movement, said on Sunday he had his doubts over the attack on PTI Chairman Imran Khan, terming the incident a “drama”.

At a press conference, he called the incident “an act”, saying that “Imran outclassed [Indian actors] Shahrukh and Salman Khan in acting”.

“Initially I had sympathised with Imran Khan upon hearing about the Wazirabad episode, but now it seems that it was a drama.”

The PDM chief called for a “thorough investigation” into the shooting during the PTI’s long march on Nov 3.

He said the confusion surrounding Imran Khan’s injuries was enough to raise eyebrows.

It was not clear whether “a single shot was fired at Imran or more” and whether the injury was “on one leg or on both”.

Furthermore, Maulana Fazl said, it was intriguing that Imran Khan “was taken to Lahore instead of being admitted to a nearby hospital (in Wazirabad)”.

He said Imran cannot be taken on his word after his party “violated court orders” during the march in May.

The JUI-F chief contested the PTI’s claim that Mr Khan was injured by “broken pieces” from bullets fired by a man during the long march at Gukkhar on Thursday.

“How is it possible that a bullet broke into pieces. We have heard about a piece from a bomb, but not a bullet.”

The PDM chief said former prime minister Imran Khan was trying to create confusion about the Nov 3 incident. “There are contradictions in the medical report [of Imran] and baseless allegations are being levelled against important personalities.”

He said the Punjab government was responsible for security of the PTI’s long march. “The march has failed,” Maulana Fazl claimed.

He called upon the federal government not to be “lenient” with Imran Khan, saying the PTI chairman wanted nothing but the appointment of a new Chief of Army Staff of his choice.