Firm resolve


The recent upsurge in attacks on police and security forces across Pakistan, particularly in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces, is a matter of great concern and prompts a firm resolve and decisive action by the government and the security forces to weed out the menace of militancy.
No doubt, the entire region has been a hotbed of militant activities for many years, and despite the government’s efforts to control the situation, the problem seems to be getting worse.
The upswing in the attacks on security forces is a clear indication of the militants’ intent to disrupt the law and order situation in the region and create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty, which calls for prompt action by the government and the security forces to contain the situation.
Keeping in view the rising incidents of militancy and attacks on the security forces, the country’s senior civil and military leadership during the Friday’s meeting of the National Security Council put their heads together to review measures including strengthening the security forces and the police, and improving intelligence gathering to identify and root out the elements posing threat to the life and property of the people. The NSC has decided to continue practicing a zero-tolerance policy against militants.
To meet this end, strengthening of the security forces is crucial to control the situation. The security forces must be well equipped, well trained and have the necessary resources to tackle the militants effectively. The government must also ensure that the security forces have the necessary support and backing to carry out their duties.
According to media reports, the country’s senior civil and military leadership in the NSC meeting also took stock of its 2015 National Action Plan (NAP) to counter militancy and agreed to take decisive actions against those elements who have posed any threat to country’s security.
In recent months, the country has taken steps to improve intelligence gathering and counter militant groups involved in attacks on the security forces. Improving intelligence gathering is critical to identifying and targeting the militants. The government must invest in modern technology and tools that can help the intelligence agencies gather information about the militants’ activities, their movements and their sources of funding.
Finally, the government must work with the local communities to identify and root out the militants. Only then can the region be made safe and secure.
The nation stands firm with the decision of NSC to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country against all kinds of threats.