Foreign investment never comes in political uncertainty: Ahsan Iqbal


Federal Minister for planning and development Ahsen Iqbal has said that foreign investment will not come until the day of Judgment in poltical uncertainty and confrontation.
We have to become economic nation, he said, and political stability and continuation in policy only bring the economic development.
While addressing the ceremony of launching report of private investment and CPEC’s (Pak-China Economic corridor) benefits on Thursday he stated that this is wrong opinion that Paksitan is underdeveloped due to corruption, Pakistani nation is as corrupt and others.
Further he went on that country would not develop in political instability and we have to think that have we achieved our targets? What are the reasons other countries went ahead? Further he said if being nation we will diagnose the disease, the treatment will be right.
Political uncertainty never brings the investment. Economic stability increases imports to stable payments, he continued, in 2013 CPEC was a piece of paper and China invested in Pakistan on the time when investors were not ready to invest and any country including America was not ready to invest.
Ahsen Iqbal said China (in last 5 years) invested 29 billion in Pakistan. they invested in Tharcoal and tharcoal plant is able to generate electricity for 400 years and this is Pakistan’s cheapest energy generating project.
Moreover he added that, in 2013 there were energy and infrastructure problem in the country, CPEC is not only electricity and infrastructure project. It is strategic project.
From 2020 to 2025 we were supposed to establish 5 economic zones and relocate China’s industry but former government only was troubleshooting for two years.
Ahsen Iqbal concluded that we have to become economic nation and political instability and continuity in policy only brings economic development. We have to increase tax to GDP.