Four Madrasa students drowned


DIR LOWER: As many as four students of a local Madrasa drowned to death in a river near Kambar, Lal Qila Police said here Saturday. According to detail, four boys of the Kamal Madrasa drowned to death in the river water near Kambar after jumping in to take bath. Soon after taking bath all the four students went missing and on call, the officials of the Rescue 1122 and Police divers started searching for the missing bodies. After a day-long search the bodies were recovered by the Police and Rescue divers and shifted their bodies to Lal Qila Hospital where the doctors declared them dead. The bodies of the four Madrasa students were handed over to their heirs. The students were identified as Fayyaz son of Muazullah, Zaid son of Hakeemullah, resident of Qasho Dandsamur Bagh, Abu Bakr son of Halimullah and Abdul Rehman son of Muhammad Zamin, resident of Bandi Lal Qila. APP