FPA to protest against report of reforms committee


PESHWAR: Office bearers of All Fata Political Alliance (FPA) on Thursday announced to carry out protest sit-ins and public gatherings across tribal areas if decision pertaining to fate of Fata was against their suggestions given to Fata Reforms Committee. Addressing a news conference at Peshawar Press Club, president of FPA, Nisar Mohmand said they had earlier given suggestions to federal government to end 247 article of constitution of Pakistan for bringing Fata to mainstream and also implement 1973 constitution. He clearly said they had suggested Fata, s merger into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for provision of all basic rights to tribesmen.
Flanked by Iqbal Afridi of Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf (PTI), Zar Noor Afridi of Jamaat-e-Isalmi (JI) and Advocate Latif Afridi, the FPA chief announced to form a committee consisting of five members from various parties and lawyer community and said it (committee) would closely analyze the report presented to Prime Minister by Fata Reforms Committee. He went on to describe that they would strongly react the report if it was contradicting their suggestions.
He categorically said the committee has been tasked to thoroughly study the committee report and then future of action plan would be given. Protest sit-ins, public meetings and processions would be carried out across tribal belt and that the tribesmen would also be mobilized and motivated for initiating movement, he threatened. If any decision against the opinions and wishes of tribesmen made, they would resort protests and movement, he clarified.
President of FPA also explained that presidents and other office bearers of all political and religious parties would be convinced for participating in movement against the reforms committee`s report, he disclosed. People do not want to live under the colonial ear oppressive FCR as it had deprived them of their fundamental rights, he stated. Extension of supreme and high courts to tribal belt is the need of hour and abolishment of FCR should also be made, he asked.
A group of specific privileged people reluctant to bring reforms in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) as the group gets personal privileges of the current Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR) he accused.
Answering a question, Latif Afridi Advocate said their demands were clear to abrogate FCR, merger of Fata with KP, amendment in 247 article of constitution, extension of courts jurisdiction and others. If FCR was not abolished he reiterated they would strongly react and carry out movement against the announcement of central government.
Afridi remarked they also want transition and change in tribal areas like entire country and they were unwilling to reside under draconian law anymore.
Zahir Shah Safi of Qaumi Watan Party, Rahim Shah, president of Fata Lawyers Forum, Iqbal Afridi of PTI and others will be among committee members.