Gandapur urges people to fully participate in LB polls


KP Minister for Local Govt & Rural Development (LG&RD), Faisal Amin Gandapore has urged the people to fully participate in phase-wise local bodies’ polls in the province and elect sincere representatives.
In his special message issued in connection with the National Voters’ Day here on Sunday, the provincial minister said that living nations get strength from the spirit of democracy, wherein voters play a crucial role.
He said that if the people use the power of vote with due consideration then the country could be taken to the height of development. He said that local bodies could prove the nurseries of democracy.
He made it clear that PTI is the only political party, which under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan had struggled for a long period of 23 years and has become a symbol of national solidarity and now it has become a ray of hope for the entire nation.
Faisal Amin Gandapore said that the nation since the establishment of the country after experiencing various political parties has come to the conclusion that in fact the attitude of other political parties is not democratic and rather they are either aristocratic or dictatorial.
He said that every act of the Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks of his democratic credentials saying the recent legislations to grant right of vote to overseas Pakistanis and introduction of electronic voting machine (EVM) to cleanse elections of the allegations of rigging are ample proofs in this regard.