Gas shortage leaves SMEs in turmoil


KARACHI: The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) industries are in turmoil as the gas supply situation is worsening, resulting in production loss. Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Unisame) President Zulfikar Thaver on Monday invited the attention of the government to the worsening of the gas supply situation to the industries, urging the government to better manage the issue with proper schedule and supplies. The Unisame president said that many SME units are in turmoil due to production loss as gas supply has become weak and is also not regular. The SME dyeing units are suffering the most as huge quantities of fabrics get damaged or spoiled when the gas supply stops suddenly, making the boilers stop abruptly. Resultantly, the fabric dyeing becomes defective as the whole lot gets damaged, he said. TLTP
He said that many other factories are suffering and their units are becoming non-profitable as the expenses of wages and utilities remain the same, while the production gets interrupted and haphazard. “Energy namely electricity and gas, needs to be supplemented with solar, biogas as alternatives and the government needs to seriously work on this as fast as possible,” Thaver said.
“We need to make our own solar panels and biogas systems to meet this very challenging situation on war footings. The country needs to make its own solar panels to reduce cost and also make modern biogas systems to reduce the burden,” he added. “Unfortunately there is lethargy in decision making although we have talent,” he said, adding that the government needs to finance alternate energy making systems.