Gaza has become a graveyard for children, Ahsan Iqbal


PML-N Secretary General and former Federal Minister for planning and development Ahsan Iqbal said that Gaza has become graveyard for children.
We pay tribute to China for raising its voice in favor of victims of genocide. Pakistan has become a regional center of economic activities with CPEC.
While addressing a seminar on the outcomes Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Ahsan Iqbal said that “Belt and Road” project has become a lifeline for Pakistan.
Vision of President Xi Jinping has brought a great change in international relations of the world. A vision beyond the confines of borders is connecting people through a network of infrastructure.
Ahsan Iqbal said that the war in Ukraine has not ended and the war has flared up in Palestine. Israel is oppressing Palestine with the unconditional support of the West.
PML-N leader said that ‘Belt and Road’ has become an amazing example of global cooperation and collaboration.
BRI has the ability to solve the world’s difficult problems, CPEC is a unique project with the potential to develop Pakistan and China, CPEC has made Pakistan a regional center of economic activity.
He said that the footprints of BRI have spread to South East Asia, South Asia and Central Asia. This is a good example of South cooperation and this project is a means of connecting Asia, Europe and Africa through ports, roads and rail. It is very important for the economy.
He said that political parties make decisions for the people. Cooperation among political parties is very important in shaping the future and the world needs to adopt the path of cooperation today.