Gaza: Israel’s actions on aid entry insufficient: UN


United Nations (UN) has described Israel’s actions regarding the entry of aid into Gaza as insufficient.
According to Arab media, the United Nations Middle East envoy Tor Wennesland said recent “limited steps” by Israel to allow more humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip were positive but insufficient to meet the needs of war-torn Palestinians.
Wennesland told the Security Council that the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip still faces challenges that are often insurmountable, limited by Israel’s actions, particularly the entry of more fuel, food, and cooking gas. Allowing, opening the Karam Abu Salem crossing for humanitarian aid entry, are positive, but they are all insufficient.
Tor Wennesland said that the hardships and sufferings inflicted on civilians, women and children in the Gaza Strip are unimaginable.
He condemned the killing of women and children in the fighting between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza and said that the current situation in Gaza makes any humanitarian aid operations impossible. Pressure is mounting due to settlement activities and settler violence.
He warned that the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is in crisis, and the economic hardships of the people are increasing rapidly.
Tor Wennesland also expressed his concern about the recent escalation of clashes in the West Bank, saying that the mass killings and arrests of civilians in the recent military operations by the Israeli army in the West Bank are cause for concern.
UN official also expressed his “concern” over the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem.
“Jewish settlement activities are a major threat to the survival and future of an independent Palestinian state,” he said.