Geo-economics, uplift of country’s economy top most priority: PM Imran


Prime Minister Imran Khan has invited countries to join China Pakistan Economic Corridor project, emphasizing the government’s foremost priority is geo-economics and to uplift the economy.
In an interview with Director of the Advisory Committee of China Institute of Fudan University Dr Eric Li, the Prime Minister said raising suspicion on the corridor project makes no sense.
Imran Khan said Pakistan sees CPEC and Gwadar project as a great opportunity for its geo-economics.
He said his priority is the people of Pakistan and lift the people out of poverty while taking a cue from China.
Imran Khan said both Pakistan and China have always stood by each other in difficult times. He said this all-weather relationship has transformed into a people to people friendship.
When asked about the Western concerns on the situation in Chinese province Xinjiang, the Prime Minister said our ambassador in China visited the area and the report he gave us is different from the one that is coming on the western media. He said what is being told by the western media do not exist against Uighurs.
He said according to the envoy’s report, unprecedented development is taking place in Xinjiang.
The Prime Minister said joining the war on terror and the corruption of the past badly affected Pakistan. He said Pakistan lost about eighty thousand people and over one hundred billion dollars in the US war on terror.
Responding to a question, Imran Khan said Kashmir is a disputed territory between Pakistan and India. He said India unfortunately is denying the right of self-determination to Kashmiri people guaranteed by the UN Security Council resolutions.
Alluding to the marginalization of minorities including Muslims in India, the Prime Minister said this is the tragedy that has happened with India under the current regime. He said better sense should prevail in India otherwise it is only going to damage itself.
When asked about China-the US relations, the Prime Minister said the world does want another cold war. He said Pakistan my replicate the role it played in 1970 when it brought China and the US together.
About Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan should be avoided.
He warned that sanctioning the new Afghan setup will only descend Afghanistan into chaos and a weak setup will not be able to take on the international terrorists.