Gill’s statement can’t be justified: Punjab law minister


PTI Punjab leader and provincial law minister Col. (retrd) Hashim Dogar said Tuesday Dr. Shehbaz Gill’s statement regarding armed forces can’t be justified, negating the rumors of torture on imprisoned PTI leader.
Dr. Shehbaz Gill is currently behind the bars in a case filed against him for ‘sedition’ and ‘inciting the public against state institutions’. Shehbaz Gill, who is also the Chief of Staff of PTI Chairman and former PM Imran Khan, had uttered controversial remarks during an audio beeper with a private news channel.
On Tuesday, Punjab law minister visited Dr. Shehbaz Gill at Central Jail Adiala. Talking to media after the meeting, Dogar said Shehbaz Gill would testify himself once he is set free that he wasn’t tortured at all during his jail time. “No question of even touching [harmfully] Shehbaz Gill or any other prisoner. He is the prisoner of federal government, provincial government can’t decide about his jail time,” the law minister said.
Moreover, Hashim Dogar said there was no need for Gill’s medical as he was ‘perfectly alright’. “I will slash all prisoners’ incarceration by one month,” he announced.