Global alliance against terror


Even after the start of 2017, various states in the world have failed to rid their masses of the scourge of terrorism. World leaders are looking for ways and means to secure their borders from the imminent threat of militants. There is a need to take up this issue at a broader level. In this regard, former President of Pakistan Asif Zardari has proposed that an international alliance should be established to defeat terrorists. During a meeting with Senator Rehman Malik in London, Zardari lauded the army’s role in breaking the networks of terrorists in Pakistan and called for stringent measures for eliminating militancy. He has declared terrorism as an international issue. There is no doubt that terrorism could only be defeated with unity and cooperation of the international community. No one can negate this fact that the horizon of terrorist attacks is widening day by day. Terrorists are following a common agenda and they are acting without any discrimination of borders. In the face of increasing backlash of terrorist attacks, now it the responsibility of all victim states that they should get united against the growing threat of terrorism. There is no respite from terror as the incidents of violence are recurring again and again in the Middle East and neighbouring states.
So far, the frequent terror and bomb attacks have claimed numerous lives all over the world. Tranquillity, people’s welfare, economic growth and the universal environment are being severely affected by this malaise of militancy, while politically unstable regions and war zones are the strategic targets of militant organisations. The main origins of terrorism are believed to be Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and some African states. In search of power, terrorists use religion as a shield to win sympathisers and propagate their own interpreted Islam. Undoubtedly, the army operations are going on at different parts of the world, however, there is a need to consolidate long-term gains of these operations. The time has come now for the countries that are the victims of this threat to stand united and take stern action against the menace of terrorism. Moreover, recurrent terror acts have reminded the world that no place is safe and terrorists can hit anytime and anywhere to spread their nefarious agenda.