Government is deceiving both IMF and general public, says Shahbaz


PML-N president and opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif has said that government is deceiving both IMF and people of Pakistan.

In a statement, Shahbaz said that they pray Imran Khan should stay determined on energy prices relief package instead of taking U-turn again. Government is fooling with people to please IMF and deceiving IMF to please innocent people.

He added, PTI is compromising economic, national and public interest just to save their drowning politics. Shahbaz questioned if the petrol prices are decreased, why is there no reduction in inflation. Who is going to reduce the tariffs of public transports?

ShahbazSharif further said that government is kind to people having black money while oppressing media and general people with black law and endless inflation.

He said that increase of Rs.94 in per MMBTU of Sui Northern and Rs.50 for Sui Southern is the proof of hollowness of this fake relief package. 27 rupees increase in per kg price of LPG and hike of Rs.319 per cylinder is in fact snatching the relief from people.

Foreign loans obtained during last 43 months have crossed the figure of Rs.47.55 bln which have shaken the economy and economists. Government is borrowing US $1 billion every month. No past government had taken that much loan with which this government has burdened the country.

Hesitation in opening LC by the banks can create fuel crisis in the country while inflation is at highest of last twenty four months.

14.3% and 14.6% increase in the prices of food items in urban rural areas are examples of cruelty on public.

Rs.2.90 per unit increase in the tariffs of K-Electric is equal to taking back this fake relief.

Shahbaz asked after announcing to stabilize prices of electricity and petrol, why government is rising the price of electricity.