Govt takes first step towards welfare state by launching disbursement of interest free loans program for poor: Shaukat Tarin


Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin has said that government has taken step towards welfare state by starting disbursement of interest free loans to poor people under Kamyab Pakistan Program

“I will continue to make efforts for realization of dream of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan. During 74 years people were shown only dreams and no practical steps were taken. Improvement will come at low level with spreading this program”, he said this while addressing a ceremony in connection with provision of interest free loans under Kamyab Pakistan Program.

“Today is a big day for poor segments of the society. Only dreams were shown to the poor people during 74 years. Some time promise was made to provide roti some time kapra and some time house. Several claims of development were made and the effects of the development could never trickle down to the poor people, he observed.
“Now a PM has come who has taken step towards Riyasat-e-Madina, he added.

Imran Khan asked me to do some thing for the poor people, he said adding we all together considered over it why do the banks not disburse loans to the poor people. We chalked out the scheme Shaukat Tarin said that under the Kamyab Pakistan Programme, big banks would wholesale loans to small and microfinance banks, which provide loans to deserving people on retail basis.

A dream was shown to the people in the past that their every basic necessity will be met but the past pledges were not delivered. One man realized for people and he said that some thing has to be done for the poor people. The prestige of the people has also to be kept in view. As long as I remain finance minister I will continue to materialize the dream of Imran Khan.
Under the programme, he added, the farmers would be provided interest-free loans upto the tune of Rs150,000 for one crops and Rs300,000 for two crops and Rs200,000 for tractors.
Likewise, Rs500,000 loans would be provide to a household for setting up a business, and Rs2 million to Rs2.5 million for building house. In addition, Sehat cards were provided to ensure health coverage for the poor. There are small charges levied on them.

We are providing free of interest loans to 4 million homes on the basis of merit and transparency. Step has been taken towards welfare state, he underlined.