Govt to create enabling business environment


The Minister for Finance and Revenue, Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb, was called on by Mr. Najy Benhassine, Country Director of the World Bank (WB) and Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Sheikh, Country Manager of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), to discuss the collaborative development strategies and initiatives aimed at promoting economic growth, enhancing financial stability, and fostering sustainable development within the country.
During the meeting, the importance of strengthening partnerships with international financial institutions like IFC and WB was highlighted. Discussion was done to leverage their expertise and resources for the country’s development agenda. The Minister also highlighted the Government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for private sector investment and ensuring transparency and accountability in financial matters.
Respective representatives from WB and IFC appreciated the efforts of the Government aimed at bringing reforms in economic and financial sectors to ensure sustained economic growth in terms of expanding the tax base, SOEs restructuring, and Privatization.
They also discussed potential areas of cooperation and investment opportunities in various sectors, including agriculture, power sector, and IT. The delegates expressed their organizations’ continued support for the country’s development goals and agendas for the welfare of the people of Pakistan.