Govt warns PTI of ‘consequences’ if they create chaos


Long march
Rasheed says that the situation in the country is getting worrisome day-by-day
Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Saturday warned PTI if there was any planning of triggering chaos or disorder in long March then former interior minister Sheikh Rashid would not be allowed to come out of his home.
“ If Imran Khan continues to provoke his workers against the political leadership then he can not escape reaction”, he said this while talking to media men here Saturday.
Citing to Masjid-e- Nabawi incident he said the religious community is protesting continuously in this regard. Those who were involved in this incident have been identified . Action will be taken against them.
He claimed that Shahzad Akbar contacted Islamabad police officer and informed about his plan for registration of case against him. When the police officer refused then the case was managed through ANF.
“ If I have committed murder of so many people then why the false case of heroin recovery was registered against me, he questioned.
Imran Khan and Shahzad Akbar are accused in drug case, he added.
He warned Imran Khan if he continued to provoke his party workers against political leadership then he too would not escape the reaction.
If PTI workers don’t refrain from their acts of disgracing the political leadership then we will ask our workers to catch them and deal with them . He should respect political leadership.
Sheikh Rashid used to say that jail is his in-laws and hand cuff is his ornament, he held.
Addressing Sheikh Rashid the interior minister said if jail is his in laws then as to why he gets worried over going to jail. Sheikh Rashid has filed petition in the court seeking bail before arrest. He has said in his petition that he fears he will be arrested.
Sheikh Rashid says long march will take bloody turn and if he does not say that long march will be peaceful then he will not be allowed to leave his home, Interior minister cautioned.
He remarked Imran Khan has done nothing for the welfare of people. Usman Buzdar was chief minister in name only. Usman Buzdar was appointed chief minister only to comply with Imran Khan orders. He was given orders through Farah.
To a question he said the suspect involved in accident of Shahbaz Gill has been arrested. He has no affiliation with PML-N.
Rana Sana Ullah sought relief from the court in drugs recovery case. He also filed petition seeking exemption from attendance on permanent basis.
The court sought reply from ANF on his application.
Rana Sana Ullah appeared in the court in drug case. He filed application seeking permanent exemption from attendance in the court.
He took the plea he is discharging his obligations as interior minister. The court should order for nominating representative.
During the hearing of the case the ANF prosecutor opposed the acquittal plea of three accused in drug case.
The ANF prosecutor said “ we have filed challan, therefore, these accused should be indicted. The evidence cannot be ignored at the level of indictment. The court should reject the acquittal pleas of the accused.