Govt will not be able to face it when I give call: Imran Khan


PTI chairman Imran Khan has said government will not be able to face it when he makes call.
“They are saying to us don’t play politics on the issue of floods and on the other hand they are bent upon cursing my party, he said this while talking to media men here Wednesday.
I did every thing within the parameters of law and constitution. I kept silent because the economic situation was not better. Now flood of people is ready to come out.
Government is doing politics on floods. They are saying to us, there is flood and don’t do politics. On the other hand they are out to crush my party. Those who provided us political funding they are being harassed, he underlined.
He went on to say economy is not recovering and Pakistan is following the footsteps of Sri Lanka.
To a question he said talks can be held with government on transparent and fair election. The improvement in economy lies only in fair and transparent election.
Responding to a question about terrorism case against him he said this case has become joke in the world. I appeared in the court despite knowing that this case is a joke.