Grand Jirga for maintain peace in Kurram held


An extraordinary jirga of tribal leaders from across the Kurram district was held at Governor Cottage Parachinar in which GOC 9 Division Major General Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti, prominent tribal leaders and elders of Upper, Lower and Central Kurram attended here on Thursday.
The grand Jirga was presided over by Deputy Commissioner Javed Ullah Mehsud to maintain law and order in District Kurram. The Deputy Commissioner stated the aims and objectives of the Jirga and said that peace has been restored in Kurram district after many sacrifices, so to maintain this peace, the leaders of the area should cooperate with the government.
Addressing the Jirga, GOC 9th Division Major Gen Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti said in his address that all peace will be maintained in the district of Kurram and full action will be taken against the miscreants with the cooperation of the people of the area.
They should demonstrate practical unity and brotherhood among themselves.
The series continues and the cooperation of the people of the region is very important for solving such incidents on a permanent basis, so the tribes of the district should reconstitute the peace committee without delay and at the same time the implementation committee will also be formed.
He said that the recommendations of the peace committee will be effective. It will be implemented in a manner, important steps will be taken to secure all the highways including other communication road. He strongly condemned the recent incidents of terrorism and appealed to the people to maintain peace in Karam district on a permanent basis.
To maintain peace, the residents of the area should cooperate with the security agencies and avoid supporting such elements. Earlier, the tribal leaders also strongly condemned the recent incidents of terrorism and announced full cooperation with the security agencies against such elements. They reiterated their determination to stand on the back of the Pakistan Army and other law enforcing agencies.