Halting ‘horse-trading’ imperative to strengthen democracy: Faiq


Muhammad Faiq Shah, founder and chairman of the Amun Taraqqi Party said to strengthen democracy in the country it was imperative to block the ‘horse trading’.
The ATP chief noted political parties’ leaders of the mainstream parties have played the unholy game of horse trading to undermine the true democracy in the country.
Business of ‘buy’ and ‘sale’ of candidates has reached its peak after major political parties failed to gain majority in election to form government, asking to block the way horse-trading forever, Shah said while commenting on various direct public queries during an online forum on Monday.
By removing contradictions and differences of results and ground realities, he emphasized the need of forming a strong government to resolve issues on priority basis.
Synergies efforts need to be initiated for improvement in people’ social and economic lives, he asserted.
He said his party will hold strict accountability, if public authority and justice were compromised.
Once again a test of politicians that how they can change the lives of people?
If the politicians again fail to deliver the masses, the gap between democracy and people will further widen, the party chief warned.
ATP roadmap is clear path of country’ progress and betterment, and excellent change would be visible in all four provinces and also improvement would come in people’ lives, Shah claimed.
Stressed that political parties along with institutions should move ahead jointly and become an example for law, economy and justice.
Expressing dissatisfaction over the performance of the election commission, Faiq underscored the need for bringing reforms in the election commission, law, justice and financial institutions.
Pointing out a number of challenges and issues, the ATP chief said a charter of economy between all political parties should be signed.
Besides, he asked to prioritize the state, education, health and agriculture sector in policies.
Reaffirming the party’s stance, Shah said they will continue their role and assistance for resolution of public issues and better Pakistan by remaining out of the parliament and will become a vibrant voice for people at every juncture and forum.
The party leader said their destination is public authority and justice.