Hammad Azhar criticises govt for increasing PoL prices


PTI leader Hammad Azhar Tuesday said the oil prices have decreased by 30 to 35% in the global market but the government instead of giving relief to the masses has increased the oil prices. He claimed that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif took the final decision about the OGRA’s summary.
“Nawaz Sharif’s tweet about not burdening the people on oil prices and leaving the meeting is a drama. Many countries in the world have been benefitting from the cheap Russian oil but the ‘imported’ government refused the offer causing skyrocketing inflation in the country,” he added.
The former federal minister said that the interest rate and inflation have touched the highest while the industries are at a loss and oil and power prices have jumped.
Hammad said the recent economic crisis in Pakistan is because of the incumbent government. In the name of fuel price adjustment, consumers will have to pay the cost of electricity. If the cheap deal of LNG had not been made by PTI, another crisis would have occurred in the country, he added.
He further said that the incumbent government is giving LNG to the industry at $23. PDM -led government has brought the economy close to default while load-shedding and inflation made the people worse off.
PTI leader said Miftah Ismail’s performance is poor and PTI can foresee a recession in the near future. Imran Khan has faith in democracy, that’s why we are repeatedly requesting to go for new elections, he hinted.
He said the nation has been paying the price of the incompetence of the PDM- led government. The government is unable to handle the situation and has pushed the country’s politics and economy towards darkness, he rued.