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Hafeez Khan

If it was not so tragic, one would have a good laugh at the decisions being announced against IK. Those who enjoy performing arts would bear me out that performance is only tantalizing when the artist reveals partially, leaving the rest to the imagination.
Punishments are being dished out to Imran Khan and his close associates without any legal basis or adherence to the law. They are meant to appease Nawaz Sharif in every way. The entire government machinery is dedicated to burying PTI and depriving the electorate of the right to choose. As 8th February draws closer the viciousness of rulers is growing exponentially. PML(N), PPP and Fazal are getting protocol and facilitation every step of the way. The entire administration has become their errand boy. Yet they are not getting any traction amongst the voters.
Here are some hard facts. In 2018 PTI got 17 million votes versus PML(N)’s 13 million. This support has increased by 25 percent. Then there are 20 million new voters. 70 percent will vote for IK’s candidates. Thus PTI will get 35 to 40 million votes and sweep the elections.
The two recent decisions in the Cipher and Toshakhana cases are in complete violation of Pakistan’s penal code. Both the judges were under so much pressure to announce convictions that they threw caution to the wind violating every cannon of justice.
Using their judges, they circumvented all procedures and deprived the defendants of their right to defend themselves. The final abnormality was to deny IK and Shah Mehmood’s lawyers the right to conduct their case. Instead, the court-appointed public defenders of the prosecutor’s choice. Shah Mehmood was denied his inherent right to record his statement. In the final drop scene judge announced his judgment and fled the scene.
Toshakhana’s decision was even more ridiculous. The entire prosecution case was based on the evidence of an “expert witness” who was a semi-literate, part-time employee of an Indian jeweller. He based his appraisal on a photograph of this contentious piece of jewellery. All the prosecution witnesses failed to establish any crime. So what was exit available to this wretched judge? Deny the defendants” lawyers to cross-examine the witnesses. A total mockery of the justice system.
What was achieved from this entire drama? The realities on the ground are scary. Crushing inflation is suffocating the masses. It is getting worse by the day. Revenues are declining and expenses are out of control.
There is a strong link between political stability and economic viability. We are passing through the worst existential crisis in Pakistan. There is only one narrow window available to the suffering masses. They have to keep a low profile and vote on election day. They should use PML(N) transport, eat PPP biryani and vote for IK’s candidate. Voters must give one full day of their lives to someone who has sacrificed everything for the mass’s betterment.
The writer is the director of CERF, a non-profit, charitable organisation in Canada.The weiter can be followed on twitter @HafeezKhanPU