HEC announces Hungary scholarship program 2024-25 for Pakistani students


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has unveiled the ‘Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program’ for the academic year 2024-25, aimed at supporting outstanding students in collaboration with Hungary.
The program will conduct exams in January and February 2024 to select deserving candidates across Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs, providing them with scholarship opportunities.
HEC sources confirmed that this initiative, supported by the Tempus Public Foundation Hungary, aims to facilitate educational pursuits for eligible individuals. The scholarships will cover various academic levels, catering to students pursuing diverse fields of study.
The commission is preparing for the upcoming tests, a crucial step for applicants aspiring to benefit from the ‘Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program’. How to Apply: Applicants are MANDATORILY required to submit online applications at the Hungarian website and HEC website. Failure to submit online application forms on BOTH websites mentioned at Step (1) and Step (2) will not be considered for further processing.
Hard copies of applications and other documents are not required at the initial stage. However, applicants are required to keep record of all the submitted documents along with printed copies of BOTH application forms (submitted online at HEC website & Hungarian website).
At a later stage of the selection process, applicants will be required to submit hard copies (including online application forms submitted at HEC website & Hungarian website) along with attested photocopies of all the original documents. Original medical certificate and police clearance certificate also need to be submitted at later stages of the application process.
Step (1) Tempus Public Foundation (Hungarian side) Online Application: All applications shall be submitted through the online application system of Tempus Public Foundation Hungary. The application guideline can be found at https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/
After registration, the applicants are able to access the application surface and upload the required documents. Please note that no applications will be accepted without the online submission and after the deadline. After applying online, get its printed copies for record. Apply online please visit: https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/apply/
Application Guide for the applicants can be found on our website: https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/uploads/2020/03/Application_Guide_for_the_Stipendium_Hungaricum_Programme_2024_25.pdf Step (2) HEC Online Application:
Apply online at: https://scholarship.hec.gov.pk/. After registering and filling your profile, please select “Hungarian Scholarship Program”. After submission of the application, get its printed copy to be signed by applicant. HEC online application portal shall close on January 15, 2024 (1600 Hours Pakistan Time).
Before applying, kindly update your HEC profile with latest email/cell number & updated information. You are advised to complete and submit your application as soon as possible, as the online application system will be very busy in the days leading up to the application deadline. After successful submission of the application at HEC portal, retain printed copy application form signed by yourself.
Submission of online applications at https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/apply/& https://Scholarship.hec.gov.pk portal are mandatory. In case of non-submission of forms on any of the above two portals, candidature will not be considered.
All applicants are required to provide HAT or USAT test scores. Test categories are attached for information of applicants. Applicant must have obtained a minimum score of 50 out of 100 in HAT or USAT test. Those applicants who have taken HAT or USAT test on or after January 15, 2022 may upload the test result on HEC portal for consideration. Those interested applicants who are yet to take HAT or USAT test, may register for the same by visiting https://etc.hec.gov.pk/. Without providing minimum HAT or USAT test score (50 out of 100), applications will not be considered for further process.