Hina Rabbani Khar promises Indian woman of fulfilling her wish


State Minister for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar on Monday reacted to Indian woman’s wish of celebrating her 90th birthday at her native house located in Rawalpindi.
She assured Reena Verma who wants to visit her home again after separation. She wants to visits Rawalpindi and her house again which she misses so much. While she also applied for Pakistan visa several time but unfortunately rejected.
She lives in Dav College Road in Rawalpindi at the time of separation of Pakistan and India. Talking about her education so she completed her matriculation from Modern School Rawalpindi.
She told in her interview that she used to visit Murree in Partition. But at that vacation before a month her parents sent them to Shimla. While after that they both also came there with necessary luggage. She said that she never thought that she can’t go back home ever after this. Recently Hina rabbani Minster of State for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan assure that the lady will soon going to visit Pakistan.
She recently tweeted “Insha Allah she will visit her home”. Well, someone else lives there, but still feels like my home. I wish I could see my house once. Reena Verma badly misses her home and one of her facebook friend use to send her photos and videos from there.