Hindu extremists brutally assault Christian family in India’s Bihar


Members of Hindutva organization Bajrang Dal brutally assaulted a Christian family, in Vaishali district of the Indian state of Bihar, media reported.
According to media reports, the Bajrang Dal goons assaulted the Christian family after accusing them of ‘religious conversions’.
In a video which is viral on the internet, a Bajrang Dal worker can be heard saying, “Hamare Ram see jo khilwad karega, usko hum barbaad kar denge (We will destroy anyone who messes with our Lord Ram).”
The family’s women, including an elderly woman, attempt to save the man as other Bajrang Dal men assault him.
“Pehle is budiya ko maaro (hit this old woman),” the person filming the video says.
The women make every effort to free their male relative from Bajrang Dal goon’s control, but they rarely succeed.