How much compulsions are ours that we cannot bring back our children from UAE: SC


Justice Maqbool Baqir has remarked “ how much do we serve UAE but our relations are so called.

He further observed how shameful it is we are so much inefficient, incompetent and stone hearted people that we can not bring back our children . I don’t want to name what type of men are placing their feet on our heads.

The court ordered FIA to set up team for bringing back the daughters of actress Sofia Mirza from UAE. Foreign ministry, interior ministry and FIA should evolve complete strategy on return of daughters of Sofia Mirza till Monday and present it before the court. Those who showed negligence in bringing back the children form UAE since the last 12 years should be identified, the court observed.

The petition of actress Sofia Mirza regarding return of her daughters from UAE came up for hearing before a 3-member bench of SC presided over by Justice Maqbool Baqir Tuesday.

Foreign secretary Sohail Ahmad appeared in the court.

The court inquired from foreign secretary why foreign ministry is hesitating in the matter of bringing back the children and matters of public interests.

Foreign secretary said we are in contact with the respective authorities in UAE in connection with handing over the children by them to us.

Justice Maqbool Baqir remarked “ we have so called brotherly relations with UAE. What steps have been taken by foreign ministry for bringing back the daughters of actress Sofia Mirza to Pakistan. How much shameful it is that we are so much inept, inefficient and stone hearted people . We serve UAE so much. How much expulsions are ours that we cannot bring back the children.

He further observed “ I don’t want to mention name but what type of men are sitting there by placing their feet on our heads. The entire world makes mockery of Pakistan. India is third rated country. But how sternly he deals with other countries for the protection of its citizens. Here we are in a state of helplessness.

He further observed all the claims made for bringing back the children are hollow and baseless. Secretary Sahb you are senior bureaucrat but it seems as if you have come here to fill in the blank. We were hopeful you will tell us under what law the children can be brought back.

Foreign secretary told the court foreign ministry is a source of contact only. Meeting was held with UAE a day before at diplomatic level.

Justice Maqbool Baqir remarked “ what was settled in the meeting with UAE authorities. What we should have done was that We should have snapped ties with UAE.

DG FIA while giving reply said Interpol can ascertain only location. I think personally that it was ineptness of both foreign ministry and interior ministry in non return of children to Pakistan.
The actress Sofia Mirza requested the court a team be set up and sent to UAE for bringing back the children.

DG FIA said team has been set up. We are looking for approval from the government. Team had earlier gone to UAE too. UAE did not hand over the children despite court’s orders.

Justice Maqbool Baqir remarked they are uncivilized people. They have no concern with the court’s orders.

The court while ordering FIA to set up team for return of children from UAE directed the foreign ministry, interior ministry, FIA to work out complete strategy in connection with return of the children till Monday and present it before the court.

The officers who showed negligence in the matter of return of the children since 12 years should also be identified, the court further ordered.

The hearing of the case was adjourned till February 21.