Huawei Applauds engineers in ICT industry Who learnt about new innovative technologies in the Tiger 2021 program


The Huawei Pakistan Tiger Program 2021 closing ceremony took place in the evening, the main theme behind this program was based around the young engineers in the ICT industry who can learn about new innovative technologies. A framework was drafted for this program and distributed amongst the participants.Hamid Mohiuddin, CEO Silicon ST, Jehan Ara, CEO Katalyst labs, Shan Xiaoping, Director Channel Huawei, Shahzad Rasheed, CTO Huawei Technologies & Fawad-ul-Haq, Director- Public Affairs, EBG were all present at the closing ceremony.
The best trainers were provided to facilitate them with whatever they needed. In the last few months, the participants adapted to the new technologies. Wanting to give back to the industry, Huawei launched the firstbatch, when the program will be launched next year, there will be more improvements based on everyone’s suggestions. 23participants took place in the program, learning about computer cloud, storage etc.
They went through different evaluations, regarding how they can sell these technologies to their respective customers. Each participant had to come up with a solution to present to their customers as well. The theme of this program was ‘Continuous learning’. Winners will get the opportunity to attend Huawei Cloud and a 300 dollar voucher to do the certifications for the Cloud program.
Yasir Ilyaas, Shahbaz Akhtar, Muhammad Faheem, Muazz Qazi, Umer Yaqoob, Moizz ul Hassan were some of winners of the program.
Mr. Gao stated at the event, “Despite the challenges posed by COVID 19, Huawei Pakistan still made it possible to be number one in the industry.”
Mr. Zarrar Khan, CBSO GROUP PTCL Business Solutions said, “The last 25 years of my career has been greatly influenced. Mentors need to be chosen very carefully, as they can have a very important impact. The tiger program is a very great initiative.”
Jahan Ara also reaffirmed the sentiment, “The ICT industry in Pakistan has been growing at a great rate, the prices have been bad for the world, but good for the ICT industry, the customers gained during this period.
The lack of human resource is an issue that needs to be tackled with. There is no shortage of talent in this country, I’m glad to see that Huawei is grooming the talent and providing mentorship. If you choose your mentor wisely, it can be of immense benefit to you, and that relationship continues to grow throughout your career.
There is still so much work to be done, especially in rural ideas, only by this way, will we be able to achieve the vision of Digital Pakistan. Together as an industry we will continue to work to make sure that the resource is polished and benefits people from all over country, thank you Huawei and we wish for your continued support.”
Mr. Fawad stated,”This program contains all the technical courses, next year there will be more courses, our ecosystemis big enough that we are developing our partners and their resources.
The ecosystem is very important for Huawei. All the stakeholders of Huawei are involved, this is very good for all of us. Our partners are the key players for the industry, especially for areas where ICT talent grooming is needed.”
Mr. Shan from Huawei mentioned:”Huawei invests in the long term development of our partner ecosystem, so not only do we pay attention to the company business growth, we also give high importance to the development of individuals. Mentorship is something that is essential for becoming a successful person, especially in this highly competitive ICT industry. We have heavily invested in partners, and incentives given to individuals. This year, 2021, 2.8 million USD have been given to partners in Pakistan, and to individuals, 26 million PKR, those who are working at partner side.”
Mr. ShahzadRasheed mentioned,”This month we have achieved a big milestone, we are number 1 IP leader in Pakistan from the revenue point of view, as well as number of installments. Credit goes to our partners and our tigers. During my early days of my first occupation, where I had decided to work for the rest of my life, it was the mentorship that guided me to move on and bring me to where I am. That is the importance of a mentor.”