Huawei launches wold’s first product solutions with 5.5G capabilities


Huawei launched the world’s first comprehensive solutions for products with 5.5G capabilities during the 14th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) held this week in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.
The solutions aim to provide tenfold improvement in network capabilities compared to 5G through innovations in broadband, frequency band, antenna and other aspects, according to Cao Ming, president of Huawei’s wireless solutions.

5.5G, or 5G-Advanced technologies, has been widely regarded as a transitioning solution before 6G. It will upgrade the five major connections of people, homes, Internet of Things (IoT), industries and vehicles by providing 10 times the network capabilities and multi-dimensional new capabilities, CGTN reported on Thursday.
The high-bandwidth and low-latency networks can provide better experience to consumers and industries, which includes services such as glasses-free 3D streaming, autonomous driving, smart manufacturing and broader coverage of IoT devices.
According to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), an international standards organization for telecommunication, there are six technical standards from R15 to R20 between 5G and 6G, of which R15 to R17 are the first stage of the 5G standard, and R18 to R20 are the second stage of the 5G standard. In April 2021, 3GPP officially defined the R18 protocol version as 5.5G.