IHC summons SHO Aabpara police along with record in Sheikh Rashid arrest case


Islamabad High Court (IHC) has summoned SHO of Aabpara police station along with the record on next hearing in Sheikh Rashid arrest case.

The petition seeking contempt of court proceeding against SHO Aabpara police station in Sheikh Rashid arrest case came up for hearing before a single bench of IHC led by Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri here Friday.

Intezar Panjoota and Naeem Haider Panjoota advocates appeared in the court on behalf of the petitioner.

The court inquired contempt has been committed of what order.

The counsel for Sheikh Rashid told the court that the court order regarding suspension of the notification has not been implemented.

The court remarked you had challenged notice and FIR was not there at that time. Then how contempt of court was committed.

The counsel for the petitioner told the court this FIR was registered under the inquiry to which the notice pertained to.

The court remarked the court had not stopped the police from registering the case. This court has suspended only warrant notice. Satisfy the court how the contempt of court was committed here.

The counsel for the petitioner told the court one impression emerged that the matter went to high court. Report was called.

The court remarked here in one case bail is granted and in other case arrest is made. In one case one is made judicial and in other case one is made physical. We hear this case with main petition..
The court summoned SHO of respective police station along with the record on next hearing.

The court while issuing notice to Attorney General and Advocate general adjourned the hearing of the case till Monday.