IHC suspends sentence of Imran, Bushra Bibi


Toshakhana case
Former premier, wife were sentenced to 14 years imprisonment on January 31
Islamabad High Court (IHC) has suspended the sentence of PTI founder Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi in Toshakhana case.
The order was issued by Chief Justice (CJ) IHC Aamer Farooq and justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb after hearing on Monday.
Barrister Ali Zafar appeared on behalf of PTI founder and Bushra Bibi while prosecutor Amjid Pervaiz represented NAB.
The CJ IHC remarked “ Ali Zafar Sahb if you will give arguments on your appeals then we cannot hear you. Appeals are being heard in cipher case. Both the appeal cannot be heard simultaneously.
Barrister Ali Zafar said Suleman Safdar has said he will give arguments for half an hour on cipher appeals. Let me give arguments in this case today.
The CJ IHC remarked if you want to give arguments on suspension of conviction then we hear them The appeal against sentence will be fixed after Eid.
The CJ IHC Aamer Farooq remarked cipher case is fixed for hearing on Tuesday which will be completed within some days. We cannot fix for hearing Tosha Khana case tomorrow after hearing it today.FIA has to start its arguments in Cipher case. We don’t know they take how much time. We fix the Toshakhana case after Eid.
The court suspended the sentence of PTI founder and Bushra Bibi in Toshakhana case.
The sentence was suspended in the light of NAB prosecutor statement. .
NAB prosecutor said they have reviewed the decision and this is case of suspension of sentence.
The court remarked this is highly commendable stance of NAB. We appreciate it.
Later the hearing of the case was adjourned after Eid.