Imran caused harm to foreign policy by minting false narrative: Rana Sana


Interior minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan has said Saifullah Niazi and Hamid Zaman have been taken into protective custody for not appearing in foreign funding case and if need be they will be arrested.

“Imran Khan new audio has been leaked and he has been exposed again. Earlier Imran Khan was exposed and the new audio has fully exposed him, he said this while talking to media men here Friday.

He went on to say Imran Khan is planning for long march. Chairman PTI wants to come to power through long march tactics. Interior ministry has evolved effective strategy to stop long march. We will stop jatha with full force. If Imran Khan announces for long march we will make every possible effort to foil it.

He held Imran Khan is creating chaos in the country. He wants to divide the nation and mislead the youths. Imran Khan will cause damage to Pakistan.The nation should have perception about it.

He Claimed Imran Khan gave wrong statement on the matter of cipher. Imran Khan cipher matter was fraud. He was playing with the nation. Chairman PTI is saying on oath from the youths that war for real freedom has to be fought. Real freedom is not a reality. PTI talks baselessly.

He alleged Imran Khan caused harm to foreign policy for minting false narrative. Imran Khan says no one marries with the children of conscience sellers. He thinks himself neat and clearn. Chairman PTI calls some on thief and some one robber.

Imran Khan kept on selling and buying the members to avoid no trust move.

He held Shahzad Akbar inflicted loss of millions of rupees on national kitty.