Imran claims another ‘operation’ to take place outside Zaman Park in bid to assassinate him


PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday alleged that another “operation” would take place outside Lahore’s Zaman Park either today or tomorrow in an attempt to kill him.

On Saturday, hours-long clashes were reported between PTI workers and the capital police after the former prime minister arrived at the Federal Judicial Complex (FJC) to attend a hearing in the Toshakhana case. As Imran left his Za­­man Park residence to appear before the judge, a heavy contingent of police also launched a search operation at his house.

“What is happening here is beyond my understanding,” the PTI chief said in today’s video address.

Referring to the attempt on his life in Wazirabad, he reiterated that he had predicted it earlier in his rallies. He alleged that the evidence of the incident was being erased, adding that the record of the joint investigation team (JIT) was also being destroyed.

“Now another plan has been hatched. I am telling everyone, the judiciary [and] especially Punjab police.”

He alleged that the police chiefs of Islamabad and Punjab, and their “handlers” had planned another operation outside Zaman Park.

“What is the plan? That there is another operation outside Zaman Park either today or tomorrow […] They have made two squads […] who will mix among our people, and then shoot and kill four to five police officials.”

He said that this would then prompt an attack from the other side which would open fire. He said that PTI workers would be killed in a Model Town-like situation before he would be killed in a manner similar to the assassination of Murtaza Bhutto.

“This is the plan. This will happen either today or tomorrow. I want to tell everyone. I want to tell the Punjab police that they will kill five of your people just for an excuse to attack.”

Addressing his party workers, Imran called on them to not take part in any violence. “Whatever they do, we will not do anything […] This time if they try to provoke you, you will not give any kind of reaction.”

Imran said he was ready to go to jail but did not want bloodshed. “That is why I am again telling workers to not participate in any violence.”