Imran crosses red line on May 09: Ahsan Iqbal


Planning minister Ahsan Iqbal has said Imran Khan crossed red line on May 09 which cannot be allowed.
“Imran Khan and his workers attacked on sensitive military installations. Now allied parties are in power. These parties have real political history. they have rendered unprecedented sacrifices for democracy, they have opposed martial law in the past, he said this in an interview with a foreign news agency.
He held Imran Khan was the only Prime Minister (PM) in the history of Pakistan who was removed through no trust move. When Imran Khan saw his defeat then he incited his people to violence. Government has not arrested Imran Khan and any of his supporter. Imran Khan and his supporters crossed red line on May 09. No democratic country an allow such attitudes, he added.
Imran Khan continued his political activities freely for one year, he staged protests and long march but no one said anything to him and when red line was crossed on May 09 , it cannot be allowed.
He said Imran Khan and his followers attacked military installations. Pakistan constitution is very clear that those involved in attacking military installations will be tried in military courts. This way if some one commits crime or causes harm to civil institution then one’s case will run in civil court.
Imran Khan instituted false cases against political rivals during his rule. We faced all cases in courts. We never staged protests on roads to avoid cases. Imran Khan sent Nawaz Sharif, Shebaz and PML-N leadership in jail. But we never fomented violence.
He observed next election will take place on performance.