Imran had held 220m people, constitution hostage: Maryam


PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb said Thursday that Imran Khan had held 220 million people and constitution hostage and its punishment is article 6 of the constitution.
She said this while reacting Imran Khan statement on opening courts at midnight.
She said that the courts were opened to ensure implementation of law and constitution. Courts were opened so that you could come to know the country would run under the constitution and not at your will and desire. Courts were opened because you had held constitution and parliament hostage.

Imran Khan, this country is trust of the 220 million people and they are not your slaves, she remarked.
It will be better for you to apologize to the nation on your crimes instead of raising question.
Reacting to the question asked by Imran Khan during his Peshawar public meeting that “ my crime is what”,she said Imran Khan reality , corruption and loot and plunder spree is becoming exposed with every passing day. It will become more exposed.
“You ruined the economy, stole atta, sugar, ghee, medicine, electricity, gas and fertilizer. Your crime was that people were dying due to inflation and gas and electricity load shedding and you were delivering lectures. This is your offence, she held.