Imran Khan challenges amendment made in election act regarding Overseas Pakistanis voting in SC


Amendments related to overseas Pakistanis voting has been challenged in Supreme Court (SC) by Chairman PTI Imran Khan.

The petition for providing facility of voting to overseas Pakistanis has been filed through advocate Aziz Karamat Bhindari in SC making federation, election commission Pakistan and NADRA respondents.

The SC has been prayed to declare the amendment made by federal governments in election act unconstitutional.

It has been said in the petition that SC should order election commission and other authorities to provide facility to overseas Pakistanis to vote so that they could cast their votes in next general election.

It has been appealed in the petition that order be issued to provide funds to election commission and NADRA besides issuing direction to NADRA to evolve mechanism for casting votes by overseas Pakistanis.