Imran Khan fears another imminent arrest as police surround Zaman Park


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan Wednesday said he may be arrested soon as police have surrounded his residence at Zaman Park Lahore again. Taking to Twitter, the PTI chief said: “Probably my last tweet before my next arrest. Police has surrounded my house.”
Meanwhile, police have surrounded the residence of the PTI chief and also stopped traffic around the roads leading to Zaman Park. He is also addressing the people through social media. “I am afraid today that Pakistan is on the route to destruction,” he said in video address.
“And I fear that if wisdom is not exercised today, we might reach a stage where we wouldn’t even be able to pick up the pieces.” “I have defended my army across the world … I was a known face. Name another Pakistani who defended the army the way I did on international media.
And I did it because I am a free man. I never accepted slavery.” “I criticise my army the same way I criticise my children, which is for reform. The Pakistan Democratic Movement is trying for a confrontation between the army and PTI. But who will come out as the winner in this?”
“The PDM is deliberately trying to create a conflict between the PTI and the army. The cases that are being filed under military laws — it never happened before that without any investigation or independent inquiry … it was suddenly decided that PTI is a terrorist organisation. They have taken away 7,500 workers.”
Imran said May 9 riots were part of the conspiracy to ban PTI and said will seek a judicial commission for the probe. “We will be approaching the court, seeking the formation of a judicial commission. The Punjab IG should be called on what happened at Jinnah House. If an inquiry is properly conducted into this, it would be revealed who was behind this conspiracy to ban a political party.”
“Putting 7,500 people behind bars was all pre-planned. Twenty-five have been martyred. How can peaceful protesters be shot? Another 700 are in hospital after being shot. And 7,500, including women, of our people are in jail. And we fear that they are being ill-treated.” He said members of his party are being forced to quit the party.
“Members are being asked to leave the PTI. Those who are behind this, do they realise what is happening with Pakistan?” “If someone believes that the [country’s] biggest political party will see its end due to this strategy, it cannot happen. You cannot eliminate a party that is popular among 70pc of the nation.”
“Even if people leave, or they are pressurised into leaving, the party will remain.”Imran Khan also told the Punjab government to bring search warrants for Zaman Park in a civilized way for the arrest of any hidden terrorists at his home instead of attacking his house. He said it would be also beneficial to him as he is the one who has a real threat from the terrorists.