Imran Khan has crossed several red lines: Ahsan Iqbal


Federal minister Ahsan Iqbal has said Imran Khan has crossed several red lines.
“Imran Khan has crossed several red lines. He abrogated the constitution and attacked state institutions. What joke was played by Imran Khan with cipher is unprecedented”, he said this while talking to media men here Monday.

Imran Khan says law should be equal for all, he underlined. Therefore when law takes its course then how much bigger he holds public meetings he will come under the ambit of law.

Imran Khan has started holding public meetings when his impeachment is nearing, he claimed.

What loss Imran Khan has caused to Pakistan is irreparable, he remarked. We will probe into it.

Imran Khan had written a letter to Supreme Court (SC) for judicial commission. If it has not been constituted then Supreme Court has remarked in clear terms Imran Khan government failed to provide evidence regarding conspiracy.

He indicated National Security Committee, foreign ministry and intelligence agencies are saying no conspiracy has taken place.