Imran Khan’s bail plea is likely to be scheduled next week


Cipher case
There is a possibility that the application of Imran Khan filed in the Supreme Court regarding bail and other references in the Cipher case will be scheduled for hearing.
The case will be fixed for hearing next week as under the new policy it has been decided to fix the most important cases in a fortnight and the process of fixing the bail cases also on priority basis is going on.
It should be noted that Imran Khan has approached the Supreme Court through Hamid Khan and a formal application was also filed.
In his petition, Imran Khan has assured the Supreme Court that he is ready to give reasonable bail to satisfy the court and that he will not tamper with the prosecution’s witnesses.
Earlier on October 16, the Islamabad High Court had rejected Imran Khan’s post-arrest bail application.
In a fresh petition filed by Imran Khan through advocate Salman Safdar, it was pleaded that it is a clear and settled rule of the Supreme Court that bail should not be withheld as a punishment.
The petition said that the grant of bail rests essentially within the discretion of the courts, a discretion which must be exercised with utmost care and responsibility as it is a fundamental aspect of judicial power.
He added in the petition that every bail application should be carefully considered in the light of the relevant facts and circumstances as they relate to the liberty of citizens.
The petition stated that the liberty of every citizen is given primacy by the provisions of Articles 7 and 9 of the Constitution which ensure that no citizen shall be deprived of his life or liberty in accordance with law. Nor should any accused be detained without the lawful authority of a competent court.
The petition contended that there has unfortunately been a deplorable trend whereby the state machinery has attempted to file false cases in a questionable display of power and authority, the registration of the Cipher case being an example of the same. . In the petition, it was requested that the appeal against the decision of the Islamabad High Court on October 16 should be allowed and that the post-arrest bail of Chairman PTI should be granted in the cipher case.
The petition alleged that the Cipher case was initiated at the behest of the Home Secretary and carried out by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), another attempt to target the petitioner for political vendetta.
It was argued in the petition that this systematic attempt to target the petitioner is a clear sign of abuse of the criminal justice system, all at the behest of political opponents.
The petition further stated that in light of this objectionable conduct the petitioner is entitled to bail.